Present: Frank, Mary Lou, Bill, Dave, Andrea, Seth, Mychal

Trainers Report from the Boston Conference

Mychal says it was great, and the other committee members who attended agree. Mychal mentions that meeting Mr. Toyoda was a particular pleasure. Dave says it was great and inspiring. Mary Lou mentions that the sense of Japanese philosophy and culture coming from the Japanese teachers was very affecting. Just the bow itself had deep meaning, and the respect it engendered spread through the rest of the things going on there.

The guitar trainers at the conference got a lot done on the new Guitar Teacher Trainer Syllabus, with attention to each book in turn. A higher playing level will be required for trainees at each higher level of teacher training. The syllabus is now being finalized and email exchanges are being made to get this done. The syllabus in intended as an ISA syllabus, not just SAA. One suggestion being considered is to have different books to be read for each training level, for example, Nurtured by Love for Book 1, and Ability Development From Age Zero for Book 2.

Progress on the Book 8 and 9 Recordings

Frank says that he has been sending in edit requests. The committee expresses its thanks to Frank for the work he is doing on the recordings.

Argentina/South American Developments

Mary Lou reports that many more trainees in South America are now joining the SAA.