All members were present.

The first topic was a publication update. It is reported that Book 8 is going into production. It should be on the shelves in a couple of weeks. The Bach minuets have been fixed according to our recent discussions.

George Sakellariou will be re-recording the Vivaldi concerto on 1/7/07. Prominent members of major orchestras participated in the project. The committee will review the previous version to make suggestions about tempo and performance details in the new version. The committee will respond with its comments ASAP.

The committee is reviewing the SAA training syllabus. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Several questions are raised concerning the screening of videos for Institute workshops. Is there an appeal process for rejected videos? Who are the screeners? It is suggested that there should be an appeal process for those whose videos have been initially rejected.

Good news! Ben Verdery has agreed to serve on the honorary board.

Our next call is scheduled for 2/4/07 at 8:00 EST

Members of the Suzuki Guitar community who have concerns that they would like to see discussed at SAA Guitar Committee conference calls should contact one of the committee members.