Piano Book 1, Revised

By spring, 2008, Alfred plans to release the revised editions and recordings for the new International edition of the Suzuki Piano Method, Books 1-3. Many thanks to Mary Craig Powell who is the SAA’s representative to the International (ISA) Piano Committee and is Co-Chair of the Committee with Seizo Azuma from Japan.

Our appreciation also goes to the SAA Piano Revisions Advisory Committee for their work. That Committee, which serves as an advisory group for Mary Craig Powell, includes Fay Adams, Gail Lange and Doris Harrel.

New recordings are being made by Seizo Azuma and their release will be underway soon. Meanwhile work is continuing on Books 4 and up.

We are grateful to Mary Craig Powell and all those who are working on this important project. A session on the new editions is scheduled to be led by Mary Craig at the May 2008 Conference.