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Dear Suzuki Colleagues, 

We are thrilled to share and reiterate the news you heard in our recent Short Score. The Board of Directors has voted to approve the creation of a new ad-hoc committee: The Suzuki Country Associations Committee! The committee will consist of members from Latin America and Canada and will advise the Board of Directors on how best to support the Suzuki movement in SAA countries outside of the USA. As a US-based organization, we understand the importance of this and look forward to building a stronger connection across the Americas.

The group includes members of the Board of Directors: Leslie Mizrahi (Chair), Araceli Hackbarth, Nancy Modell, and Andrea Raza. In addition, leaders from the Suzuki Associations of Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru will offer guidance and support to the work of this committee. Our Executive Director and the staff will also work with the committee to support its goal. We are aware there are countries that do not yet have associations that will also need support. We will continue to work to connect with the countries without an association over the coming months and ensure equitable representation. Since December, the group has met on several occasions, building connections, learning about each other’s history, and discussing their short and long term needs.

We will look forward to continuing to update you on the committee’s progress. Please join us in thanking the members of the committee for their work, and for their commitment to the SAA!


The Board of Directors