The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) is seeking applications to the Board of Directors from active members. Members are invited to self-nominate or nominate members of the greater music education community who might be interested in joining the Board of the SAA. One Director will be nominated from membership for a standard three-year term starting in August 2024 and ending in July 2026. Nominations and applications are accepted and considered throughout the year.

The Board of Directors is seeking nominations from current members of the SAA interested in supporting its continued commitment to the Suzuki philosophy. New board members of the SAA will support the organization as it continues to offer excellent music training, embraces a new Executive Director, and commits to a more accessible and inclusive future. We aim to offer members a communal learning experience that offers a space for exchanging ideas, growing and expanding our skill sets, and continuing to advance the field of music education. The board and its Executive Director will help ensure that the SAA continues to support a healthy and vibrant community through Suzuki education.

If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please read through this document in full to understand the organization’s needs and goals for the near future.

About the current board, and our governance model:

Please see information about the current Board of Directors here. All nine members of the current Board are active SAA members, music education practitioners, and come from the US, Canada, Mexico, and Ecuador. Every member gives financially to the organization. We value the diversity of perspectives and skill sets represented on our board and hope to continue to diversify the perspectives represented on the Board. As we begin the board nomination process for this year, we ask that you help us build on our strengths by encouraging members who can support our organization in meeting the goals described below!

The SAA Board of Directors currently operates under a Policy Governance model, which you can learn more about at this link. Current board policies can be found at this link under “Board Policies.” Becoming a board member of the SAA means accepting fiduciary responsibility of the organization and agreeing to act in its best interest. Our board members are responsible for ensuring the long-term health and well-being of the organization, defining the Ends (what we will be doing) and ensuring the Executive Director and staff are effectively meeting the Means (how we will do it). The Board is critical to the success of an organization and accepts significant responsibility for its future.

Our Organizational Mission:

The Suzuki Association of the Americas improves the quality of life in the Americas through Suzuki music education. We create a learning community which embraces excellence and nurtures the human spirit.

Our goals as an organization in the next three years include (but are not limited to):

  • Offering high-quality and excellent music training for teachers, students, and parents.

  • Creating and contributing to a more accessible and inclusive music education field and creating a culture and environment within the SAA that celebrates and honors diversity

  • Continuing to develop and grow our membership across the Americas

  • Ensuring the financial health and stability of the organization, with careful consideration of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Collaboratively developing, analyzing, and supporting the execution of a Strategic Plan

  • Evaluating, analyzing, and ensuring current board policies support the Ends and Means of the organization

  • Ensuring a collaborative and healthy relationship with other regions, as well as the ISA

  • Supporting and evaluating the Executive Director

Board Members We Seek

To meet our goals listed above, we are seeking board members who will help us support our goals listed above. In order to do so, we ask that applicants offer:

  • Deep commitment, passion, and belief in the Suzuki philosophy, music education, and a more diverse and inclusive music education field

  • Commitment to supporting the organization in reaching the goals listed above

  • Experience leading and guiding organizations in equity, diversity, inclusion, and creating an environment of belonging

  • Skill sets or connections to philanthropy, fundraising, corporate sponsorship, and/or foundations

  • Skill sets in business operation–including human resources, law, marketing, and public relations

  • Connections to peer organizations with a national profile in order to better uplift and share the Suzuki vision and philosophy

  • Knowledge and understanding of board governance models and policies

  • Readiness to meet the board commitments listed below.

We are appreciative of applicants with all skill sets! We ask that you consider your application under this framework to support the needs of the organization at this time.

Board Commitments:

  • Full Board Meetings virtually

  • We anticipate the time commitment as 2-4 hours each month

  • At least one committee meeting

  • Supporting our financial health by giving meaningfully to the organization

What You’ll Need To Fill Out This Form

You can see all details for the Nomination form at this link. The form will require the nominee’s basic contact information (name, email, phone,) a brief biography, and a short paragraph describing the reason for nomination. You will need a resume ready to upload, and please be sure to review the Board Policies prior to completing the form.


  • If you’re interested in Board service, please submit a nomination form no later than April 30, 2024

  • All nominees will be interviewed in May 2024

  • Member voting will take place May or June, 2024

  • Announcements will take place in July at the Annual General Meeting (date to be announced)

  • New Directors can anticipate training and orientation in early August. The first meeting of our fiscal year will occur in late August or early September.

Please contact [javascript protected email address] with any questions or concerns.