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International TT Convention Videos Available from TERI!

In the year 2023 we made great footprint in the history of the Suzuki Method through a lot of frank and lively exchange of experience and opinions. The experience of this convention will definitely be a solid first step for the future development of the Suzuki Method.

This valuable full set archive record of discussion with professional English translation can be easily obtained by reasonable price through following purchase site.

We have decided to make the video of the session on ‘Suzuki Graduation System’ available for free until the end of March as a special sample via the link below.

In addition, we have created a digest version of the Convention video, which can be viewed at the link below.

This video can be viewed free of charge by anyone at any time.

We hope that many teachers will watch the videos and have ideas about each of the topics for the next Convention.

International Teacher Trainers Convention Executive Committee