The members of the Latin American Suzuki Associations Committee offer a cordial greeting to all Suzuki communities, as our best wishes for this new year. We also take this moment to share news about the activities that have been carried out in various countries of Latin America.


The Mexican Association of the Suzuki Method (AMMS) shares the news of the first Suzuki Diploma in Latin America. It is a project of continuous training of teachers, whose objective is to strengthen the Suzuki teaching-learning process and to obtain better results at a musical level for students.

Due to the growing need to receive teaching tools and support in the development of classes, AMMS has devised “The Path to Excellence” Diploma for teachers, which will be endorsed by AMMS and registered by the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA).

The Diploma will be taught by Teacher Trainers from different countries, allowing the sharing of experiences to create the best strategies in music teaching, facilitate the mastery of teaching the Suzuki method and the ability to transmit it, offer a training for teachers allowing them to see the potential of each student, and offer technical tools to develop the skills required through Suzuki Method books.

These are the current concerns of AMMS, and now part of the occupations of the AMMS, which is committed to providing continuous training to its members.

Together we can reach a “better world through music” Shinichi Suzuki.

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37th Suzuki International Festival of Peru

The Suzuki International Festival is an event organized by the Suzuki Association of Peru with the aim of spreading Suzuki Philosophy and Methodology throughout Peru, Latin America and the world. The festival consists of two parts: one for musicians, teachers and parents, and another for Suzuki students. On this occasion, the 37th festival takes place between the 5th and 25th of January (2022) with several training and enrichment courses for teachers, in addition to the Student Festival.

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First Virtual Concert”Building Ties”—Argentinian Suzuki Guitar Network

The Suzuki Guitar Network of Argentina organized the first concert of guitar students on December 4th of 2021. More than 20 Suzuki guitar teachers introduced their students and had the opportunity to hear the performances of students from various parts of Argentina, some very far away. In this single concert it was possible to hear the work that teachers have been doing over these years, including the one carried out throughout the pandemic, in a virtual way. It was an experience that made all participants very happy!

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We reiterate our warmest invitation to all Latin American countries that work with the Suzuki Method to send information about the actions they have been taking (organization of their associations, events and activities programmed, etc.) to share them in the following posts. This information can be sent to the email: [javascript protected email address].