The Latin American Associations Committee is pleased to announce the new meeting on April 16th, in which it discussed important points for the good functioning of the associations and other working groups in different countries. We discussed matters related to: general reports on the functioning of each association or “Red”, indication of a teacher to help elaborate book 3 of the Brass course, review and update of the document “Teacher Development Program”, latest changes for applications for scholarships for the SAA, upcoming meetings with national associations that have existed in the past. Members of Brazil, Peru, Guatemala and Ecuador participated in this meeting.

For this SAA newsletter, we would like to share beautiful actions that took place in Brazil and Mexico. We also share a work developed by “Red Promesa”, from Colombia.

Accordion enrichment course in Brazil!

AMSBrasil (Suzuki Musical Association of Brazil) would like to express its joy at the offer of the “Suzuki Accordion Project” Enrichment course during the months of January to March 2021, with teacher Elena Enrico, from Italy. The lectures with her took place in January. In the following months, the enrolled teachers took class appraisals, had the opportunity to discuss specific issues, and received direct monitoring from teacher Elena.

The offer of this course has helped to strengthen the community of accordion teachers not only in our country, but also in other countries in Latin America. We see the importance of this course, for at least three factors: the possibility of knowing this incredible project of teaching accordion, the engagement it has provided to teachers committed to music education, and finally, the possibility of implementing the Suzuki accordion course as part of the courses offered by the Suzuki Method.

The enrichment course had as main purpose to present the “Suzuki Accordion Project” (SAP) to the accordion teachers. Its main aspects are:

  • The child’s neurological development;
  • Stimulation and development of the skills necessary for the instrumental approach through the “Children’s Music Laboratory”;
  • The participation of parents and their role as teachers of their children;
  • The BimboFisa notebook (preparatory material that precedes book 1, also presented during the course).

Furthermore, it is very important to note that the offer of remote support in February and March to all teachers who participated in the course helped to maintain the quality of teaching, create a space to answer questions, as well improve instrumental skills of all participating teachers.

Accordion Enrichment Course in Brazil

We have received several comments from happy teachers with the opportunity to take this course, which in the future could become the Suzuki Accordion book 1 course. Aware of the importance of the accordion in our culture, we believe that this course can help spread the teaching of this instrument, allowing more people to be interested in expressing themselves musically through it.

It is vital to emphasize that the realization of this enrichment course was only possible thanks to the work of different people: Elena Enrico, AMSBrasil, “Flauta e Fole” Studio, Marco Messina, Martina Drudi, ESA, SAA. In addition, of course, all students who participated in the activities organized before and during the enrichment course. This shows us, once again, that collective efforts always yield very positive results.

The course was beautifully organized by the team at “Flauta e Fole” Studio, with whom we had the great pleasure of working over the years. We would like to express our special thanks to Luciana Aparecida Schmidt dos Santos and Miguel Pereira dos Santos Jr., who worked in a captivating and very committed way during all stages of the elaboration, planning and execution of this course. We also thank Marco Messina for his task of contextualizing the work “Children’s Music Laboratory” (CML). Finally, Martina Drudi: assistant teacher and translator of the accordion enrichment course. Special thanks to teacher Elena Enrico, for sharing all her knowledge in a loving, generous and extremely competent way.

For all these reasons, AMSBrasil is available to assist in the next stages of recognition of the accordion course as part of the Suzuki training program, or to meet any other demand that may arise.

News from the AMMS (Mexican Suzuki Method Association)

Suzuki Teachers Orchestra AMMS 2021
The Mexican Association enthusiastically brings information about the first performance of the Suzuki Teachers’ Orchestra AMMS. The orchestra’s members are exclusively teachers who belong to Academies recognized by the Association. The project arose from the initiative of one of the coordinating teachers of the pedagogical violin committee (and also director of a Suzuki School in Veracruz), with a collaborative effort by the Suzuki Córdoba group.

We invite everyone to watch “Huapango de Moncayo” on our Facebook page:

Thanks to @Suzuki de Córdoba for the coordination, arrangements and editing.

Weekly Lives on the AMMS Facebook page:

AMMS is organizing weekly events on its Facebook page.
On Tuesdays: conversations with the president and guests;
On Wednesdays: round tables with the recognized academies;
On Thursdays: Singing with Tato;
On Saturdays: conversations about the Suzuki Triangle.

Red Promesa!

The group of teachers from Latin America invites everyone to attend a wonderful concert to get to know the Suzuki Method in different countries. You can follow the event through the YouTube channel and enjoy music directly in your homes.

When: April 24th and May 8th

Opening hours: 17:00 (Mex, Cu), 18:00 (Col, Ecu, Ven, Pe), 19:00 (Py, Bol, Chi), 20:00 (Uru, Arg, Bra).

Red Promesa

“Red” also invites you to follow social networks to learn more about this topic. It is also possible to contact us by email [javascript protected email address].

We renew the most cordial invitation to all Latin American countries that work with the Suzuki Method to send information about all the actions they have been carrying out (organization of their associations, events and activities that are being programmed, etc.) in order to share them in the following posts. This information can be sent to the email: [javascript protected email address]