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Dear teacher:

The First Online Piano Practice Challenge of the Americas which will take place from February 27 to March 27, 2022, was born out of the desire to expand our reach over the entire Suzuki Piano community of the Region.

Beyond providing motivation to create a daily piano practice in a different and fun way, the purpose of this event is to bring together and strengthen the Suzuki Piano community of the Americas through a shared practice experience with students and teachers from other countries, thus reinforcing our sense of belonging and identity, Because we believe in the critical role shared by parents and teachers in children’s education, we will also have a whole afternoon of “Parents and Teachers Workshop” aiming to provide great tools, personal enrichment and growth, through a number of lectures by speakers from the Suzuki world as well as from the international education field.

For teachers and advanced students we offer various virtual activities on a Sunday afternoon. We will also provide a digital space where participants can share music sheets with music of our countries, towards building a great rich communal archive. Some of the students will be able to choose a music piece from a different country to prepare it and play it at the closing recital.

Along with a strong international connection this event will offer teachers of each participant country the opportunity to get closer together collaborating in the creation and production of short videos that will show the history, beauty, traditions and music of their countries, to share it with all participants. The event will close with an inspiring teachers’ recital, where one or more teachers from each country will perform a music piece of their choice.

And that’s not all! This challenge also aims to contribute to social and community development by supporting the training of teachers and connecting families to the values and principles of the Suzuki philosophy. In order to achieve that goal, a scholarship fund for teacher training will be created, as well as a sponsorship and gifts program to donate musical instruments. This event will be the starting point, but the work will persist into the future.

To learn more please contact the representative of this event in your country. Additionally we will hold several general meetings in Spanish: November 21, 2021; December 19, 2021; January 23, 2022.

Zoom ID: 842 0237 7226 Access Code: Piano Time: 7 pm CST (Mexico City)
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Thank you for joining this experience of unity and human growth Warmest regards, Suzuki
Piano Tour Team