Piano Book 1, Revised

First impressions of the New International Editions of the Suzuki piano repertoire are all positive. It is obvious that the ISA Piano Committee, chaired by Mary Craig Powell, set Suzuki Piano on a new path. Twelve new pieces have been added to Volumes 4 to 7.

The choice of repertoire is one of the most outstanding aspects of the new editions. Volume 5 now includes new dimensions for the young pianist with the addition of the Chopin a minor Waltz and the Schumann From Foreign Lands and People.

Volume 6 is my favourite! Within this volume students will experience excellent examples of repertoire from the Baroque era to contemporary representing many composers, and many countries. Consider the beautiful Grieg Nocturne, the Spanish Dance by Granados and Punch by Villa Lobos. Canadian teachers will be particularly pleased with the Book 6 choices if they have students who wish to take the Grade 9 exam.

Volume 7 also displays much variety including a Prelude and Fugue, the Mozart Sonata, K.331 and Bartok’s Roumanian Folk Dances.

The repertoire will serve to develop the young pianist technically and musically.

Teacher trainers who attended the International Conference in Boston last fall were treated to a preview of each piece, and could hear each one performed by the artist chosen to make the recordings: Seizo Azuma. I trust that many trainers did like I did these past two months: daily practice of the new repertoire so as to appreciate the value and the sequence of the repertoire for our students.

Again, my commendations to the ISA Piano Committee for their magnificent achievement.

Do check with your music dealer that he is stocking the piano volumes and CD combination, a convenient and economical way to embrace Suzuki Piano from 2010 onwards.