On Conference years, through the CLC Awards program, the SAA is pleased to recognize and celebrate significant contributions by outstanding individuals, groups, programs and organizations within our unique community of teachers, parents, students, families and friends, members of the business community and schools or groups involved in Suzuki education.

The awards recognize those who have worked toward the development and expansion of the Suzuki learning community in the Americas or internationally, or who have helped to preserve the Suzuki legacy.

As you will see during our presentations today and tomorrow, the recipient individuals or group have contributed beyond the ordinary professional duties or routine work and there is clearly evidence that the welfare of the Suzuki community has been the primary motivation for the nominee’s work, rather than personal recognition or gain.

Recipients must be active members of the SAA or other ISA region. The Awards Committee includes Board members and others.

All of the information about CLC Awards is listed on the SAA website. Perhaps you know someone who is deserving of this recognition. Please go to the website to see the qualifications and application process for the 2010 conference.

Fairbanks Suzuki Institute: Gathering a Community around Suzuki’s Vision

This institute has drawn together the community of Fairbanks as seen by the cooperation of local teachers, involved parents, high standards of excellence in students, support from local schools including the University of Alaska along with the Fairbanks Symphony and ongoing support from local businesses.

Eleanor Allen: Suzuki Pioneer in the Heartland of America

Eleanor was one of the very first teachers to begin using the Suzuki method and also participated in Project Super. She introduced the Suzuki method to Kansas where it has flourished over the years due to her nurturing example.

Michael Yaffe: Building Bridges for Suzuki in the University and the Community

Michael’s vision for the Hartt School Community Division was to expand the Suzuki program to include a training ground for the talented musicians who attended the University of Hartford’s Hartt School. Through his guidance and persistence, the program quickly expanded and gained respect throughout the community. This program has also reached out to the community and to other divisions within the university bringing all together A Suzuki learning community.

Cleo Brimhall: Modelling the Suzuki Spirit with Joy

Cleo’s enthusiastic embrace of the Suzuki method has forged a pathway for Suzuki piano in the western states of America. She is founder of the Intermountain Suzuki Institute and was director for many years. She has taught hundreds of students and trained many teachers here and internationally.