2010 CLC Award recipients: Pam Brasch, Dorothy Jones, Bill Kossler

2010 CLC Award recipients: Pam Brasch, Dorothy Jones, Bill Kossler

Image by Fred Brasch

On Saturday evening of the conference, the ballroom was hushed in anticipation for the announcement of the recipients of the Creating Learning Community Awards.

Through the biennial CLC Awards Program the SAA is pleased to recognize and celebrate significant contributions by outstanding individuals, groups, programs and organizations within our unique community of teachers, parents, students, families and friends, members of the business community and schools or groups involved in Suzuki education.

These awards recognize those who have worked toward the development and expansion of the Suzuki learning community in the Americas or internationally or who have helped to preserve the Suzuki legacy. The tributes and presentations illustrated how this year’s recipients contributed beyond the ordinary professional duties or routine work toward the welfare and growth of the Suzuki community.

2010 CLC Award Recipients:

William Kossler: Bringing Suzuki’s Ideas to Guitar in the Americas

Bill was the first guitar teacher to travel to Japan and study with Dr. Suzuki at the Talent Education Institute in 1989. Through his work with Dr. Suzuki, along with training teachers and teaching students, Bill’s contributions have enriched the Suzuki community.

Speakers/Tributes: Andrea Cannon, Joanne Bath, Joe Pecoraro, Kathleen Tyree

Judi Gowe Bagnato: Longtime Advocate for the Suzuki Profession

For many years, Judi has been an advocate and consultant for the SAA with Summy Birchard publishing. Under her watchful eye, books and recordings have been published, keeping our Suzuki principles and goals intact.

Speakers: Gilda Barston, Paul Landefeld

Dorothy Jones: The Heart of Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Dorothy was tapped by Dr. Suzuki to carry forth his vision of early childhood education by training the parents and teaching students from birth. She has given her heart to this mission, to the benefit of families and teachers around the world.

Speakers/Tributes: Lynn McCall, Shirley Koch, Sharon Jones, William Starr, David Gerry

Pam Brasch: Creating, Educating and Organizing the Future of the SAA

Pam Brasch, the CEO of the SA, has through many years of love and dedication transformed the learning community of the SAA.

Speakers/Tributes: Carol Tarr, Pat D’Ercole, Deb Yamashita, Dr. Paul Salerni, Diane Schroeder