Carol Ourada

Carol Ourada

*Carol Ourada is on the faculty of the Wheaton College Community School of the Arts, teaching primarily Suzuki cello, and also violin, viola, bass, music reading, Creative Ability Development improvisation and cello choir. She has taught early childhood music for 25 years. In addition, Carol teaches and coordinates in the Wheaton College Community Outreach for Developing Artists, CODA, an initiative that began in 2006, which has grown to offer early childhood and Suzuki violin and recorder classes to over 1,000 at-risk children, including 100 violinists, 40 recorders in connection with two school districts. Carol was the 12th SAA Conference Coordinator and served on the SAA board of directors. In 2007 she was awarded ASTA Outstanding Studio Teacher of Illinois. Carol is a clinician at workshops and institutes around the country. She studied violin with Dr. Suzuki in Matsumoto in 1985.

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Mira A Glimpse inside the CODA Suzuki Outreach Program

¡Mira! A Glimpse inside the CODA Suzuki Outreach Program

Creating Learning Community Awards 2010

September 21, 2010 by Carol Ourada

On Saturday evening of the conference, the ballroom was hushed in anticipation for the announcement of the recipients of the Creating Learning Community Awards. Through the biennial CLC Awards Program the SAA is pleased to recognize and celebrate significant contributions by… Read more ▶

Once Upon a Board

September 21, 2010 by Carol Ourada

As the van edged its way down the highway, purple-hued mountains poked out along the horizon. Prairie dogs darted in and out of their holes as the vehicle passed by the open land. Was this a setting for a movie… Read more ▶

Ask the Experts 11 Balance

January 13, 2010 by Carol Ourada

Last summer, focus groups at summer Institutes were asked to submit questions for a panel of “Suzuki Experts” to answer. This is the 11th installment. How do you balance family life and the Suzuki method, from the busy life and extra… Read more ▶

Annual Meeting 2009

April 6, 2009 by Lamar Blum, Pam Brasch, Teri Einfeldt, Ruth Engle Larner, Christie Felsing, Mark George, Marilyn Kesler, Carol Ourada, Diane Schroeder, Beth Titterington

The 2009 Annual Membership Meeting was broadcast live on the web on April 4th, 2009 from the SAA office in Boulder, Colorado. It features the new teacher development video “A Suzuki Teacher’s Pledge”, a tour of the SAA office, and… Read more ▶

Creating Learning Community Awards

October 8, 2008 by Carol Ourada

On Conference years, through the CLC Awards program, the SAA is pleased to recognize and celebrate significant contributions by outstanding individuals, groups, programs and organizations within our unique community of teachers, parents, students, families and friends, members of the business… Read more ▶

SAA 12th Conference Shines With Excellence

SAA 12th Conference Shines With Excellence!

Always with Excellence 12th Suzuki Conference

Always with Excellence! 12th Suzuki Conference

A Tribute to Margery Aber

A Tribute to Margery Aber


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