Meredith Connie

Meredith Connie

Meredith Connie (MMus, San Francisco Conservatory of Music; MPhil, University of Sydney) lived and worked as a Suzuki guitar teacher in the US until 2016, where she received her training through the SAA.  In 2017 she returned to the country of her birth, Australia, and now resides and teaches in Melbourne. In addition to her teaching, performing and composing career on the guitar, Meredith is also an Alexander Technique teacher.

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Memory and Music Part Two Applying research on memory in the music studio

May 21, 2022 by Meredith Connie

This article is part two in a series about memory and music. “We learn it to forget it” is a common mantra among music educators about music performance. Some people believe that performance is about letting what you’ve already learned take… Read more ▶

Memory and Music Part One The different layers of memorization

Memory and Music Part One: The different layers of memorization

This article is part one in a series about memory and music. The Suzuki philosophy wholeheartedly embraces memorization as an important tool for the young student. Indeed, the Suzuki approach gets many things right in light of new research and understanding… Read more ▶

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ASJ 50.2, page 40

From a New Studio to a Full Studio Three years on

From a New Studio to a Full Studio: Three years on

What is healthy competition and why do we want to foster it

August 1, 2017 by Meredith Connie

An Exploration of Competition Competition, it can be said, is a driving force for self-betterment. We see around us our peers, some of whom can perform some tasks better than us or have reached a higher level of achievement in some… Read more ▶


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