Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl A. Johnson is a cultural historian, preservationist, and community arts advocate. She is most interested in strengthening the connections that promote sustainable communities. Her fieldwork has included documenting traditional culture across the South, Africa, and the Caribbean. As a journalist she has captured the diversity of the urban experience. A dancer at heart, she is also devoted to promoting local youth arts organizations. She is most proud of her son Naim, a Suzuki cello student.

O dom da msica como Dannielle WeemsElliott construiu um prspero estdio Suzuki e alimentou um talentoso quarteto familiar

O dom da música: como Dannielle Weems-Elliott construiu um próspero estúdio Suzuki e alimentou um talentoso quarteto familiar

Há uma idéia que a dedicação que o Dr. Shinichi Suzuki mostrou ao seu ensino foi exclusivamente focada na produção de grandes músicos altamente treinados. Se estudarmos sua filosofia, no entanto, torna-se claro que ele estava desenhando um plano para… Read more ▶

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ASJ 48.4, page 24

El regalo de la msica cmo Dannielle WeemsElliott construy un prspero estudio Suzuki y aliment un talentoso cuarteto familiar

El regalo de la música: cómo Dannielle Weems-Elliott construyó un próspero estudio Suzuki y alimentó un talentoso cuarteto familiar

Existe la idea de que la dedicación que el Dr. Shinichi Suzuki mostraba a su enseñanza se centraba únicamente en producir grandes músicos altamente capacitados. Sin embargo, si estudiamos su filosofía, queda claro que estaba diseñando un plan para vivir… Read more ▶

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ASJ 48.4, page 24

The Gift of Music How Dannielle WeemsElliott built a thriving Suzuki studio and nurtured a talented family quartet

The Gift of Music: How Dannielle Weems-Elliott built a thriving Suzuki studio and nurtured a talented family quartet

There is an idea that the dedication Dr. Shinichi Suzuki showed to his teaching was solely focused on producing great, highly trained musicians. If we study his philosophy, however, it becomes clear that he was designing a blueprint for living… Read more ▶

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ASJ 48.4, page 24


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