Sweet Recorder Orchestra - Family

This photo is from the project developed at the Federal University of São Carlos—Brazil, coordinated by Ilza Zenker Leme Joly. Presentation of the “Sweet Recorder Orchestra” formed from the Suzuki recorder classes. Children and their families take classes and play together in the orchestra.

Image by Ilza Zenker Leme Joly

Ilza Zenker Leme Joly

llza Zenker Leme Joly has a degree in Languages ​​and Music, PhD in Education, Master in Special Education and a specialist in music therapy. She has always been dedicated to the recorder study and its repertoire, music and has extensive experience in music education processes. She has been teaching flute for children, youth and adults since 1989, having formed and led musical groups as Flauteio and Baroque Music Trio.

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