Suzuki Provides a Framework to Build a Teaching Practice

This presentation is an outgrowth of numerous conversations I’ve had with local traditional flute instructors questioning the value of the Suzuki method, and why they should attend teacher training and use the Suzuki books. And, to educate traditional teachers on the idea that the Suzuki method is not just about books or pedagogy, but also includes ongoing support for teachers to incorporate into their own teaching practice. The Suzuki community provides valuable ongoing information to support a framework for teachers which builds on the knowledge gained in teacher training.

Video by Heidi Schuller

Heidi Schuller

Heidi Schuller holds a BA in music and a MBA in arts management from the State University of New York and maintains a Suzuki flute studio in Alexandria, VA and teaches at the Levine School of Music. She has performed in recitals at the State Department, Dumbarton House, and other Washington, DC, venues, and with the Virginia Grand Military Band, Pan American Symphony Orchestra and Piedmont Symphony. She performed with the National Flute Association Professional Flute Choir at their 2009 National Convention and has published articles in Flute Talk magazine. She is a board member of the Suzuki Association of Greater Washington.

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