The Expanded Suzuki Triangle: Nurturing the Student within the Community

This is a video response to a parent who asked, “Why bother with an institute?” We tried to go back to the basic principles of Suzuki philosophy to explain how events like institutes, group classes, and conference opportunities provide the bridge between the individual lesson and sharing the expressive power of music with a larger community.

Video by Kathleen Schoen, Thomas Wm Schoen

Kathleen Schoen

Kathleen Schoen has been teaching both flute and recorder since receiving her B.Mus degree from UBC in 1984. She is active in the Suzuki community both locally and internationally, as an Institute Director, Conference Co-ordinator, teacher, teacher trainer, and program administrator, and is the first Canadian flute teacher to receive the Certificate of Achievement from the SAA. She has also taught flute and recorder at the University of Alberta, Augustana campus. A performer on flute, baroque flute, and recorder, she works both as a soloist and with her chamber music group, the Schoen Duo. A Suzuki parent as well as a teacher, her daughter started in the Suzuki program at the age of 2 and is now also a trained Suzuki teacher.

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Thomas Wm Schoen

Thomas Schoen (BM, University of British Columbia) is violin instructor at the Augustana Faculty of the University of Alberta and teaches for the Society for Talent Education in Edmonton and privately in his home studio. Mr. Schoen is director of the Alberta Summer Suzuki Institute held in Edmonton, AB. Thomas resides in Edmonton and enjoys a busy and varied performing career performing on both modern and baroque violins. He subs regularly with the Edmonton Symphony and has performed professionally with many orchestras across Canada. He performs regularly throughout Canada with the Schoen Duo, who have been broadcast on the CBC.

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