Suzuki cello teachers at the 2012 Conference

Lisa Caravan, Abigail McHugh, Carol Ourada, ???, Tanya Carey, Gilda Barston, David Evenchick, Nancy Hair

Image by Kathleen McHugh

Kathleen McHugh

Kathy McHugh attended Ithaca College. It was during that time that she was first introduced to the Suzuki method and began her training with Sanford Reuning. After receiving her Bachelor of Music degree, Kathy continued her studies with Mr. Reuning and began teaching for Ithaca Talent Education (ITE). She has had additional teacher training with Teri Einfeldt, Linda Fiore, Mark Bjork, and John Kendall and has participated in teachers’ workshops with Dr. Suzuki. Kathy is an ITE faculty member where she teaches violin and viola, a repertory class, and directs one of the orchestras.

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