Spring Twilight Drive-In Graduation Concert

This is a little write up of the concert we called “Spring Twilight Drive-In Graduation Concert” by the students of Cathy Butler in Cathy’s Violin Studio:

Last month we had our first Covid-19 friendly drive-in concert and in August we will have another. On Saturday May 23 at twilight, we performed our graduation pieces (just as we would have for the annual Suzuki Graduation Concert in Davis/Weber Utah Area during April, had it not been cancelled). It was really fun to do this as a studio on a more local level for the first time ever! Families were able to stay in their cars to watch and listen. We are making the most of our limited opportunities to perform by getting creative. My own child graduated 2 levels this year and I couldn’t be more proud of him and all my students for their amazing achievements! My studio collectively graduated from about 30 levels, all of them approved through a rigorous recording and approval process by the dedicated teachers in our area. Congratulations Suzuki Graduates!!!

I included a bunch of photos so you have plenty to choose from. :)

Image by Cathy Butler

Cathy Butler

Raised by the Suzuki method, I started playing violin when I was five years old. Cathy’s Violin Studio, LLC is located in Layton, Utah. I have maintained a full teaching schedule since 2004. As an Advanced Active Teacher with SAU, I have Violin Books 1-10 registered with SAA. My teacher trainers Jeanne Grover, Ed Sprunger, and Linda Fiore, along with many other teachers I have observed through the years, have helped me become the teacher I am today. I wholeheartedly embrace the continuous training opportunities the Suzuki program offers. To learn more about my studio you can visit my Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/cathysviolinstudio.

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