The Sing-Along

In December and June, students love to perform at a retirement community, complete with Sing-along pieces!
(We’ve found that retired folks have awesome voices!)

Image by Kathleen Moser

B.M. Immaculata U; M.M. Temple U.
In 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980 Suzuki Piano Bks 1-6 with Valery Lloyd-Watts and Carole Bigler- Wisconsin, Chicago, Washington, DC
1978 4 days observation at Carole Bigler’s home
1980’s Bks 1-6, Kingston, ON;
Bk 3: Elaine Edwards at Kingston;
Bk 4: Carole Bigler in Emporia,
Bk 1B: Bruce Anderson in Louisville;
several Kataoka Institutes: Chataqua

Aug-Sept 1988 Matsumoto trip—rec’d certificate of study—with Dr Suzuki, Dr Kataoka, Mr. Takahashi

From 1989 ’til 2002, when my daughter was born, I’d attended institutes each year at Louisville, Washington state, New York, Philadelphia (sometimes as institute co-director), and Atlanta.
August 1992: continued study in Matsumoto with Kataoka and Suzuki.

Since having children, attended summer institutes primarily as a parent: many times at Louisville, lzo at Utah, Hartt, Montreal; privately at Bruce Anderson’s.

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