Jianni Song, Connie Starr, and Bill Starr

Jianni Song, Connie Starr, and Bill Starr

It’s been over 14 years since I last saw my teacher, Mr. Starr. I finally got a chance to take a photo with Mr. and Mrs. Starr at the conference. How wonderful it was to see them and I was overly excited when the photo was taken:) Thanks to the person who took this great photo!

Image by Jianni Song

Jianni Song

I have 20+ years of teaching violin/viola in America, China, and Taiwan R.O.C. combined. My passion is to make beautiful music with my students and share our love for music with many performance opportunities within the community. I hope to collaborate with other Suzuki trained teachers in the area to further embellish music education in the Trivalley. In addition, I’m starting my Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes for 0-4 years of age fall 2019.

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