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Parents as Partners 2006, 3 DVD Set

Parents as Partners 2006, 3 DVD Set

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Contains footage from the Parents as Partners sessions at the 12th Conference in Minneapolis. 3 DVDs, approximately 4 hours.

Disc 1

Edmund Sprunger, “Awareness”
As we gradually help children develop greater awareness of what they’re doing, the quality of their playing grows. This session gives strategies for raising that awareness. The strategies take into account two important pitfalls: raising a child’s awareness in the absence of skill creates disaster, and awkwardness in approaching a child’s challenges can complicate the parent-child relationship…and vice versa.

Ann Marie Novak, “The Art of Reviewing with a Purpose”
This session explores not only some reasons for reviewing, but also some creative ways of approaching the subject. Importance is placed on reviewing not only as a way of preserving repertoire, but also as a tool for solidifying techniques and learning more advanced techniques.

Disc 2

Nancy Lokken, “All Aboard!”
Involvement in Suzuki Education is like getting on board a train and embarking on a journey. When does the journey end, or is it endless? How do the key passengers—student, parent, teacher—interact and adjust their roles appropriately during the journey? The presentation will focus on all three members of the Suzuki Triangle and their continuing relationship.

Parent Panel, “From Philosophy to Reality: Parents as Partners”
We all share an appreciation for Dr. Suzuki’s wonderful philosophy. This panel will discuss ways to put it into practice effectively within our busy lives.

Disc 3

Brian Chung, “The Inexorable Power of Music Making”
It’s no secret that music making can have a wonderfully positive impact on the lives of all who participate. But with the plethora of attractive alternative available today, how can we ensure that this great art form will thrive into the next generation? In his keynote address, Brian Chung offers some valuable ways that teachers. parents, and students can work individually and collectively to preserve the future of music making.

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