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Winning Ways

Winning Ways

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A collection of the best American Suzuki Journal articles for parents from the past 20+ years.

Sequel to First Class Tips.

Book, 69 pages.

Suzuki Philosophy in Action

  • Happiness Is
  • Joyful Learning
  • The Listening Cycle: A Lesson for Parents and Teachers
  • The Role of Listening
  • But is it Beautiful?
  • Why We Play the Violin: Notes from the Teachers
  • Help the Children with Low Tolerance for Frustration
  • Reduce, Re-use, Recycle Your Time for Stronger Triangles
  • The Glass Ceiling

Motivation and Practice

  • A Reluctant Child and Her Violin
  • The Official Medical Guide to Practicitis
  • The Effect of Daily Practice Time
  • Teaching Your Child Practice Skills
  • So Your Child Won’t Practice

Changing Teachers: Ethical Issues

  • The Ability to Feel Another Person’s Heart
  • Changing Teachers
  • Taking Leave: Is There a “Right” Way to End the Teaching Relationship?
  • Changing a Triangle

Teenage Suzuki Students

  • Hurrah for Suzuki Teenagers and Their Parents!
  • Working with Teens: A Roundtable Discussion
  • Teenagers: Awful or Awesome?

Recitals, Auditions, and Competitions

  • Some Insights into Recent Stage Fright Research
  • The Art of Competition


  • Where Do We Sit?
  • Take the Toolbox with You
  • A Mom’s Retrospective

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