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Bunny Ballads - Violin

Bunny Ballads—Violin

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The very beginning stages of learning the violin are so important. Supporting the complete Suzuki Triangle, Bunny Ballads gives teachers, parents, and children a rewarding, fun, and pedagogically sound way to learn these important beginning skills.

Teachers, you will be able to extend the pre-twinkle time without boredom, giving you time to help the student build important life-long technical habits.

Parents, you will have an aid to make the pre-twinkle time both productive and fun.
Your child will also have a nice keepsake from the beginning of their Suzuki journey.

Kids, you will enjoy the stories, songs and activities in Bunny Ballads.

“Luci’s progress after two weeks! 95 times so far..begs to practice 2-3 times a day!”
Julia Salerno—University Violin Professor and Mom, WA

“My students are really loving them—can’t say it enough. I have seen them soar through the ballads! Thank you.” Heather Conine, Suzuki Violin Teacher, FL

“One mother only reads the story as her child is assigned to that particular ballad on the foam violin. Needless to say some seriously good practice is going on because of the suspense. Great idea! “ Holly Blackwelder Carpenter, Suzuki Violin Teacher & Mom, WA

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