The Suzuki Association of Georgia (SAGA) became a SAA Chapter Affiliate in January 2013, and we are pleased to note that we have over 80 members (teachers, families, and friends) in our organization. We’ve had a great year so far! The highlights of this fall included two events in Atlanta for students: our Fall Workshop and 9th Annual Graduation Recital. The Fall Workshop was organized by Erin Cassel with assistance from Courtney Daglis, two of our SAGA Board members. Approximately 90 violin, viola, and cello students participated in the workshop, which began with a play-in and pizza party on Friday evening, and continued with master classes, group classes, and specialty classes with renowned clinicians from around the country, including Teri Einfeldt, Melissa Kraut, Edward Kreitman, and Marlene Moses. Our Graduation Recital served as the grand finale of our Fall Workshop, and was organized by SAGA’s graduation chair, Terri Henningson. The participants submitted video or audio recordings of polished performances of the graduation pieces to SAGA teachers who provide constructive comments on those performances. Each of our graduates also receives a beautiful certificate and violin pin to recognize his or her accomplishments.

Our SAGA teachers have two professional development workshops to look forward to this winter as we welcome Teri Einfeldt and Melissa Kraut to Atlanta! Teri Einfeldt will be teaching a workshop for Suzuki violin teachers focused on developing excellence at each stage of a Suzuki violin student’s learning. The two-day workshop will focus on practical teaching ideas for developing violin skills and musical knowledge, and will also address issues that may arise when teaching beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Participants will also have the opportunity to play through some selections from the SAA’s new Supplementary Repertoire List for Violin Books 6-8 and discuss the pitfalls, teaching points, and hierarchy in the repertoire. Melissa Kraut will be presenting a practical pedagogy workshop for our cello teachers, speaking on a range of issues we face as teachers today, ranging from how to address parents to inspiring students’ practicing to addressing specific teaching and playing techniques.

As an organization, SAGA is dedicated to promoting and furthering the development and understanding of the Suzuki Method in the state of Georgia. Feel free to visit our website at or be in touch if you have any questions!

Rachael Fischer
SAGA President
Suzuki Violin Instructor