If you look in the Galaxy of Giving, you’ll find a couple of stars dedicated to Geri Arnold, my close friend and Suzuki colleague. Geri has always freely given her energy and her knowledge to her students and her colleagues over the last many years.

I remember when we were students together at University of Michigan how she would tell me of the fun she had had that day in teaching young children. When the lead teacher in Ann Arbor, MI, Celia Weiss-Nicks needed to move, Geri invited me to look at the job. She encouraged me every step of the way. We went on to become a great team working together.

As Suzuki teaching began to take hold in Michigan, she shared her passion with many teachers here who have successfully taken their Suzuki teaching ideas into their studios or their classrooms. Her own children and her students have grown to be wonderful people who flourish in the many professions they have moved on to.

Now, she has moved to North Carolina and is energetically sharing Suzuki teaching ideas with young colleagues in the area. She hosts monthly gatherings where everyone can share their experiences together. And I know from former such gatherings that they are laughing plentifully as she tells stories of her own adventures in teaching.

When you visit the “Galaxy of Giving” here are the tributes you’ll find for Geri:

“Thanks for your energy that has fueled Suzuki enthusiasm in our state, Michigan, and in the country!” —2011
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“Geri, we love your Suzuki “Twinkle”
—From a few of your friends—Wendy, Judy Blank, & Rebecca Hunter”—2014
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Thank you, Geri Arnold for all that you have given to us in the Suzuki Community.