The long wait is over! As of the first of November, the Revised Edition of Suzuki Violin School Volume 7 has been on the market from Alfred Music. The book is available in two formats: violin part alone with accompanying CD for purchase, or book and CD combination. The Piano Accompaniment book is also available. The SAA Violin Committee would like to thank Linda Perry, pianist for all the new recordings, in consultation with Doris Preucil, for their fine work. We know you will enjoy the performances by William Preucil on the revised CD.

This revised edition reflects the work not only of the ISA Violin Committee, but also that of all five regional violin committees, and countless Suzuki teachers across the globe. Here in the SAA, our Committee reached out to all current active violin trainers, as well as sponsoring sessions for teachers at institutes and workshops over a two-year period. That feedback was invaluable for the Committee’s work. We appreciate the suggestions and expertise of all involved.

The Committee encourages all SAA violin teachers to explore this revised edition in depth to understand the changes included. Here are a few highlights:

  • Continued development of three-octave scales and arpeggios relating to the repertoire
  • Continued exercises in higher positions
  • A two-octave scale in thirds for double-stop practice
  • New practice suggestions for the Handel A Major Sonata, 2nd mvt.
  • Revised practice suggestions for the Bach A Minor Concerto

There are significant changes in bowings and fingerings in the Handel Sonata and the Bach Concerto reflecting the ISA Committee’s mandate to explore current performance practice, consult the urtext where possible while preserving the design of the repertoire by Dr. Suzuki. To that end, there are also a few changes in the small pieces in Volume 7. Teachers should play through the revised repertoire to make a note for themselves where these changes occur. Here are a few examples:

  • Mozart Minuet – The slur of the whole first measure and the rhythm in measure 53 are in the original score from the string quartet.
  • Corelli Courante – The changes in the rhythm in measures 8, 17-18, 27-28, 39-40 and 42-43 are from Corelli’s own score.
  • Corelli Allegro – The A as the last note of the first measure is in Corelli’s score of this sonata movement.

Both the Bach Gigue and Bach Courante are more in keeping with the scores in the Cello Suites and with our friends in the Suzuki Viola School and Suzuki Cello School.

Update for Volume 8

The ISA Violin Committee met in Chicago for two intense days of work this past October. Work is well under way to have this volume ready for the publisher to send to the engraver by January 1st. Both the violin and piano scores for Volume 8 will need to be in final form for the recording session which should take place in late spring 2015. The artists for the recording will be William Preucil, violin, and Linda Perry, piano. Final edits on the scores themselves and the recording will take place during the summer, with a projected publication date of fall 2015.

Following that publication, the revision process will be complete. The ISA Violin Committee has decided not to revise Volumes 9 or 10. This was the unanimous decision of all the regional committees as well.

Current Printings for previous Revised Editions

Visit the Alfred Music website for all the current versions of previously published revised volumes. The list that details the latest version of the Suzuki Method books has gone live. This link can be sent to whomever needs it and publicized as needed.

SAA Violin Committee:
Allen Lieb – Chair, Ronda Cole, Lorraine Fink, Karen Kimmett, Sandy Reuning