Violin Book 6 Revised

The SAA Violin Committee is excited to report that the Revised Book 6 of the Suzuki Violin School is finally in print. Included in the mailing of the next SAA Journal is a list of Suggested Repertoire for Books 6, 7 and 8 to accompany those volumes. Here is a bit of history and explanation for that list:

By mandate from the 2009 International Teacher Trainers Conference, the ISA Violin Committee was to compile a list of suggested repertoire from different style periods appropriate for each book level to be published in the Revised Books 6-8. It proved a difficult task for all the Regional Association Violin Committees to arrive at consensus over a specific list. As a result, each Regional Association is to assemble its own list for distribution to its members. This is not to create an alternate repertoire but to suggest additional pieces to fill out the depth of the current books, in many instances with pieces Dr. Suzuki himself used in lessons and concerts. There will be a paragraph published in the Revised Books 6, 7 and 8 explaining this procedure. (See pg. 32 of the newly published Revised Book 6 for this paragraph.)

Beginning in 2010, the SAA Violin Committee, in collaboration with the SAA violin Teacher Trainers, began compiling such a list. The Committee appreciates the generous input from the Trainers in that process.

This list is organized by category: Tone pieces, Kreisler pieces, Concertos and Sonatas, Bach, “Show” pieces, and Modern pieces.

The list you have received today does NOT preclude any teacher from using their personal favorites, nor a Trainer from presenting a more comprehensive list for each book or distributing their own list. This list is meant as a guideline for our membership and provide a baseline resource in our training courses. This list is NOT immutable and will be revisited and revised as we work with the list in our teaching and training over the next several years. We look forward to your feedback.

SAA Violin Committee:
Allen Lieb, Chair; Ronda Cole; Lorraine Fink; Karen Kimmett; Sandy Reuning

Suggested Repertoire for Suzuki Violin School

Volume 6:

Elgar Salut d’Amor/Faure Apres un Reve
Kreisler Rondino/Song of India/Tempo di Minuetto
Dancla Air Varie Op. 89/Dvorak Sonatina/Schubert Sonatine
Bach Concerto for Two Violins 2nd mvt. (both parts in score)
Potstock Souvenir de Sarasate/Severn Polish Dance
Bartok Duets Book 1/Kabalevsky Album Pieces/Persichetti Masques

Volume 7:

Bach-Gounod Ave Maria/Faure Berceuse/Massenet Meditation from Thais
Kreisler Gluck Melodie/Schoen Rosmarin/Sicilienne & Rigaudon
Accolay Concerto/Haydn G Major Concerto 1st mvt./Nardini Concerto/Mozart Sonata E minor K304
Monti Czardas/Schubert L’Abeille/Wieniawski Obertass Mazurka
Bartok Sonatina/Gardner From the Cane Break/Shostakovich Duets

Volume 8:

Paradis Sicilienne/Svendsen Romance/ Tchaikovsky Canzonetta/Wieniawsky Romance (Con. No. 2)
Kreisler Praeludium & Allegro/Syncopation/Variations on a Theme by Corelli
DeBeriot Concerto No.9/Scene de Ballet/Mozart G Major Concerto/Viotti Concerto No.23/Beethoven “Spring” Sonata 1st mvt./Mozart Sonata in G Major K301
Bach Concerto for Two Violins 3rd mvt. (both parts in score)
Brahms Hungarian Dances/Novacek Perpetual Motion/Ten Have Allegro Brilliante/Wieniawski Legende
Bartok Roumanian Folk Dances/Bolling Suite for Violin and Jazz Piano—Romance & Gavotte/Copland Hoedown

Solo Violin Recommendations:

Telemann Fantasy No. 1, 7 and 10
Bach G Minor Sonata, Presto/D Minor Partita, Allemanda/E Major Partita, Bourree & Gigue

Download this list in PDF to print:
Suggested Supplementary Repertoire for Violin Books 6, 7 & 8