As my three-year term as a member of the SAA’s Board of Directors comes to a close, I can look back over those years and see growth—growth in the SAA as an association and proponent for excellent music education, and growth in me as a person, teacher and an individual champion for the Suzuki philosophy. I have found that Board service is a two-way street. I have gained as much as I have given.

I felt that it was a great honor to be considered for Board service. I very much enjoy “behind the scenes” work, and it has been fascinating to become part of the workings of the SAA. From learning about Carver Policy Governance, to meeting and getting to know the office staff in Boulder, to participating in Board committee work, it has been an excellent learning experience.

One of the biggest growth areas I’ve seen in the SAA has been in the use of the Internet. The association’s web site is well developed and easy to navigate. The Board had fun helping to develop the SAA’s first “Virtual Leadership Retreat” in April 2009. It was exciting to connect with membership near and far and share ideas and insights. The board also had a great time putting together our first live web-cast of the Annual General Meeting. It was a creative way to “meet with” the membership and experience some new technology.

I intend to continue giving of my time and talents to the SAA. There are areas of need that are just waiting to be chosen by a volunteer with some time, interest and energy. It feels good knowing that the end of my Board term does not mean the end of my ability to contribute to the SAA.