The Board recognizes that this is a tremendously exciting as well as an emotional and challenging transition for the SAA community. The Search Committee, co-chaired by Michelle Diggs and Mary Halverson Waldo, followed a rigorous, months-long process and, in accordance with its charge, delivered to the Board for consideration three highly qualified candidates for the Executive Director position. These candidates were further vetted by the Board and with internal and external stakeholders. The Board voted to offer the position to one of these candidates, and has received a signed contract from this individual. The Board is currently working with the individual to coordinate a formal announcement to the membership. 

The decision was taken by quorum after much deliberation, and was unanimous among those present. Minutes of recent meetings will become available in the following weeks for those interested in further details. The Search Committee has fulfilled its charge as planned, and its work is now completed.

The Board and its leadership continue to operate in compliance with SAA policies and bylaws, and to serve the SAA with integrity.

A new Board appointment will be identified before the end of December. 

The Board is incredibly excited for the SAA’s next chapter, and is committed to working to further the mission of the SAA, and support the next Executive Director.