The Board is delighted to introduce our new members!

Four individuals were chosen from a deep field of applicants who responded to our call in September. Following Board training and orientation, they will be seated at the Board’s meeting on November 18.

Michelle Diggs, Texas, brings many years of experience as a Suzuki parent, and a wealth of experience of non-profit Board service in her community. Michelle wrote “I understand the power of the [Suzuki] methodology, and want to make it more accessible to music students throughout the country.” She is employed by 3M Corporation in its marketing department.
Michelle Diggs—Headshot
Daniel de Lima, Brazil, is a guitarist. He has had considerable experience organizing programs and grants that expand opportunities for his community to participate in Suzuki lessons, concerts, and training courses. Daniel is inspired to use his experience “to trace a more complete picture of all three Americas.”
Daniel De Lima—Headshot
Bruce Walker, Washington, is a conductor, a Suzuki cello teacher, and grew up as a Suzuki student. He is a tenured professor at Columbia Basin College. Bruce brings energy, insight, and a “solution-centered mindset” to his work on University committees, non-profit Boards, and teaching. Formerly a school strings teacher, Bruce is pursuing a DMA in Music Education.
Bruce Walker—Headshot 2
Kerri Williams, Pennsylvania, has been active in the SAA and in her Chapter Affiliate for many years. She has taught Suzuki piano and violin, been a Suzuki parent, and currently teaches school-based Suzuki strings programs. She has served on many Boards, including the Philadelphia Orchestra Educational Advisory Committee. Kerri writes “I observe a need for a stronger connection” between local membership and SAA leadership. She is committed to “encouraging more diverse participation,” as well as increased communication in the SAA.
Kerri Williams—Headshot
Our fifth new Board member is well known to the SAA. MaryLou Roberts, Michigan, is a teacher trainer of Guitar. She has a long record of service to the SAA, including as a (former) board member, member of the TDAC, and on the SAA and ISA Guitar committees. She was appointed in September to fill the seat made vacant by the resignation of Holly Blackwelder-Carpenter. Her prior years on the Board made it possible to “hit the ground running.”
Studio of MaryLou Roberts