Angelica Cortez

Hello from my first month in office! I am so grateful to have received several messages from our members, welcoming me, and offering insights and hopes for the future of our organization.

Over the coming months, there will be more opportunities for us to hear from one another, and for us to collaborate in building toward our future. Be on the look out for more information about community gatherings, short interviews, and further opportunities for us to get to know eachother. For me, Dr. Suzuki’s insistence that all young people are capable and deserving of music education, and his commitment to prioritizing love and humanity in his work are what make me confident that our work is necessary in this critical moment for music education.

The last two years have indicated major transitions for our organization, and for education more broadly. The start of the pandemic marked shifts toward online learning. We saw teachers and musicians deeply impacted by an inability to gather, and heard calls for stronger commitments to justice, equity, and inclusivity toward our institutions. Additionally, the recent events unfolding in Ukraine have impacted some of our colleagues, members, friends, and families. As our organization continues to support teachers in working with young musicians, we have a lot of work to do to best prepare teachers to meet each student’s needs—from helping them comfortably navigate the online space to offering tools to improve practices in equity as Suzuki practitioners. In this moment, it is right for our membership to look to us for more support. The last month has shown me that I am joining an active, passionate, and driven group of members who have a wide variety of work and lifestyles. Our work and commitment to our members will remain strong as we bridge the history and legacy of our organization with its future.

Initiated over a year ago, the Suzuki Association worked with The Virtues Collective to help teachers build stronger communication skills in the course “Communicating Honor for Diversity,” supported several programs in their transition to online programming, facilitated the growth of our membership in Latin America, and offered thousands of dollars in scholarships to teachers across our membership. I am also proud to say that during my first month in office, our board donated $10,500 as a demonstration of their commitment to the future of our organization, my success, and ultimately, to ensuring the philosophy of Suzuki reaches the next generation of music educators. This commitment to our work in my first month is only the beginning of our efforts toward ensuring the long term health and sustainability of our organization.

Between our members, our staff, and our board, and me as I step into this role, what we build together will better the future of music education. Our commitment to training teachers, to music as a powerful tool for young people, and to supporting Dr. Suzuki’s vision and philosophy remain the same. I am so proud to join you. Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to connecting with you all more soon!


Angelica Cortez
Executive Director
Suzuki Association of the Americas