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Allen Lieb shared feedback from a participant in his recent ECC course in New York:

“Thank you very much for the wonderful presentation you gave at The School for Strings this past Sunday. It was a wonderful mix of dedicated, intelligent, thoughtful people, and I was greatly stimulated, stirred, and challenged to think more deeply on a subject that is fast becoming the most important in my life: how can I become a better, happier violin teacher?

It was great that so many people were able to take part in the conversation. I did leave with serious doubts, however, that seemed destined to surface, because I think the Suzuki philosophy touches a nerve that many of us creatures of habit forgot we had—i.e., we have a nerve that allows us to rejuvenate or reflect upon our current beliefs, beliefs that can be hard to let go of. But I awoke the next day doubt free.

In the final analysis (of course “final” is never final), Suzuki does not teach anything that I disagree with, and Suzuki does not prevent me from being who I am, and Suzuki in fact encourages me to do more of what is already common sense and good. And the Suzuki Association presents a program for teachers that can enable me to take practical steps to become more engaged in the process of learning how to teach. It is the opportunity for ongoing engagement in the field of education that is a priceless benefit of being connected to the SAA, if one can only make the best of the opportunity that a community of thinking people of good will, talent and creativity does present.

In going to NY, I traded in my old tired self for a new surge of genuine hope, and in this sense I feel my attending the seminar was definitely a growing experience.”

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