Wrapping up a Conference of the size and richness of the 12th Conference is an impossible task when it comes to thanking all those who contributed their time and talents, but here’s a list of many who played key roles in the success of our biennial event:

Keynote Speakers: Alice Joy Lewis (and Brian Lewis who assisted in planning the presentation but was sadly unable to attend); Brian Chung (Kawai); Mary Sheedy Kurcinka; the Suzuki Heritage Committee (Barbara Wampner, Chair) and the Heritage Night speakers: Allen Lieb, MC; Yasuki Nakamura (Australia); Dorothy Jones, Helen Higa, Hiroko Drive Lippman and Rebecca Paluzzi; Dr. Laurie Scott (Research Symposium Keynote)

Guest Presenters/Clinicians: Charles Avsharian, Krasimir Bakardjiev, Bonita Boyd, the Castellani-Andriaccio Duo, Susan Dubois, Timothy Eddy, Clea Galhano, Brian Ganz, Robert Gillespie, Sheila Graves, Karen Wicks Haughey, Dr. Lorna Lutz Heyge, Lauralie Kallinen, David Kim, George Litterst, Peter Lloyd; Michelle Madland, Brian Martz, Jane Peck, Dalton Potter, Dr. Laurel Trainor

Conference Coordinators: (some presented too!) Carol Ourada, Overall Coordinator; Sally Gross, Assistant Coordinator; Viiolin: Deborah Moench, Lucy Shaw; Viola: Joanna Binford, Elizabeth Stuen-Walker; Cello: Nancy Hair, Barbara Balatero; Bass: Domenick Fiore, Dan Swaim; Guitar: Laura Knight, Mychal Gendron; Piano: Fay Adams, Linda Gutterman, Gail Lange; Flute: Kelly Williamson, Noelle Perrin; Recorder: Patrick O’Malley, Kathleen Schoen; Harp: Elinor Niemisto, Kathy Kienzle, Phala Tracy; Early Childhood: Wan Tsai Chen, Sharon Jones; Suzuki in the Schools: Wininfred Crock; Chamber Music: Julia Hardie, Susan Baer; SYOA: Julie Maura, Ann Montzka-Smelser; Ensembles Concert: Sandra Payton, Margaret Shimizu; Parents as Partners: Kathleen Spring; Special Needs: Linda Rekas; Chapters: Elisabeth Taylor, Sasha Garver; Hospitality: Terea Henrichs, Danette Schuh; Networking Dinner Hospitality: Dale Hansen. Also many thanks to the SAA Board, the volunteers from the Suzuki Association of Minnesota (SAM) and helpers from TARGET Corp (Parents Day), as well as the Hilton Minneapolis for their cooperation and service.

Performers: Loren Abramson and the Shenandoah Valley Honors Orchestra (MO); Ryan Liu, piano concerto; Conference Harp Ensemble; Dave Madsen and the Guitar Ensemble from the Hartt School; SYOA 1 students, with Marilyn Kesler, conductor; SYOA 2 Students with Robert Gillespie, Conductor; Wendy Stern and the Conference Flute Choir; International Ensembles Concert groups: Barcel Brioso, directed by Celestine Fitzgerald, Colleen Fitzgerald and Gina Laver; Nevada School of the Arts Violin Ensemble, led by Mary Straub and Shakeh Ghoukasian; and Rocky Mountain Strings, Ramona Stirling and Deborah Moench, directors. Many thanks to Rocky Mountain Strings for the moving tribute to Hiroko Primrose.

Note: Over 40 sessions were recorded and produced on DVD for the SAA AV library! These are available for rental. A complete list will appear in the 2007 SAA Directory.