The SAA would like to extend an invitation to all members to submit high-quality digital photographs and/or short high-quality digital video clips of student performances and activities. Submissions would be considered for inclusion in various projects that the SAA is involved in. To be considered the guidelines below would have to be followed closely.

Photos Desired:

  1. Students playing their instrument
  2. Students interacting with each other—instruments visible
  3. Students in group lessons or performance situations
  4. Students in formal performance
  5. Students interacting with a parent
  6. Students interacting with the teacher

Videos Desired:

  1. Students in informal and/or formal solo performance
  2. Students in group performance
  3. Students in lessons, both individual and group


  1. Submissions for photos will be done digitally. A CD of digital photos (high-resolution jpeg preferred) may be mailed to the SAA office, or submission may be done online by sending the photos to [javascript protected email address]
  2. High-quality videos may be mailed on DVD and should be no longer than 10 minutes in length.


All submissions must be accompanied by the permissions form given below.

Individual Photo Release

Group Photo Release

It should be understood by all teachers, parents, and students that:

  1. The submitted visual material may or may not be used according the SAA needs.
  2. Some video footage may be use as visual background without the audio.
  3. Instrument areas with smaller numbers of students studying “Suzuki style” are especially needed.
  4. A variety of ages are desired.