April 11-13, 2008, New Harmony/Evansville, IN

Members present: Lamar Blum, Christie Felsing, Gail Lange, Beth Goldstein-McKee, Carol Ourada, Diane Schroeder, Betty Wahlig, and Pam Brasch, ex officio. Arrivals Friday (mid-day) due to weather: Teri Einfeldt, Dave Madsen and Beth Titterington.

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Diane Schroeder, Chair.

Motion #1: To approve the January 2008 Minutes as printed.
M Beth Goldstein-McKee S Lamar Blum Carried

Approval of minutes by email was discussed. If instituted, email approval would allow our membership to have access to Board activities sooner than is possible with our current process. Approved minutes could be displayed on the website Members Only section.

Motion #2: To investigate ways of approving the minutes by email.
M Carol Ourada S Betty Wahlig Carried

The Chair charges Pam Brasch to investigate email approval process.

The Honorary Board report was given by Gail Lange who shared that most of the HB interviews have been done. Currently, adding a flute representative to the HB is under consideration. The Chair commended Gail for her development of the Honorary Board. The Chair charged Gail to communicate with the HB about the SAA Conference, the L.A. Tour group and the CD project.

Lamar updated the Board on the status of Yuko Honda’s violin. The Chair charged Lamar to work on guidelines for future instrument donations to SAA.

As requested at the January Board meeting, two session proposals were submitted for the Fall 2008 National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts Conference by Christie Felsing. One proposal is consideration of a preconference offering of the Every Child Can! course for administrators. The second proposal is a panel presentation of “Savvy Suzuki Tips for Administrators.”

As the Board looks at linkage with other music and arts organizations, it is important to note that the ECC! course was offered at the March 2008 ASTA Conference. The Chair charged the Board to explore ways that ECC! can be used as an outreach tool and to gather feedback on how ECC has been used as such a tool with other organizations.

The Chair also charged the Interboard Committtee to request that Teri Einfeldt inquire in an upcoming Teacher Trainer “Did You Know” email if anyone has presented the ECC! course to any outside organizations and to request feedback and specific information from those who may have done so. In addition, the Chair charged Gail to research the possibility of a similar collaboration with the Canadian
Federation of Music Teachers.

Pam presented an update on the May SAA Conference and its schedule. The Board’s role at the Conference regarding Silent Auction
plans, networking with the membership through “Tell Me Your Story” activity, the Albers Benefit Concert, and the Annual General Meeting plans, was discussed. It was the consensus of the Board to sponsor a reception after the Albers Trio Benefit Concert.

In preparation for Friday’s presentation to University of Evansville administrators, Beth Titterington and guest, Carol Dallinger, shared an overview of a survey sent to the Long Term Teacher Training programs. Diane welcomed University of Evansville President, Dr. Stephen Jennings, and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Susan Kupisch, to the afternoon meeting.

After an overview of the University and its history by Dr. Jennings, Dr. Kupisch spoke about her awareness of the Suzuki program and the quality of young Suzuki players. Following this, Pam gave an overview of the SAA and its structure and quoted numbers of teachers in all regions. Written handouts, including “Getting Acquainted with the SAA,” a new brochure listing types of teacher training programs, and the Vision Statement of the SAA were circulated. Christie spoke on the Board’s vision of Teacher Education, methods of SAA approved teacher training (short term, apprentice, long term) and the importance of Parent Education. Carol Dallinger shared an overview of the Evansville Suzuki Program which has existed for 35 years and effectively compared the mission and vision statements of the University of Evansville and that with those of the SAA.

Diane thanked Dr. Jennings and Dr. Kupisch for visiting with the Board and for their interest in learning more about the SAA and for their support of the University’s Suzuki Program. Dr. Susan Calvini, Dean of Fine Arts, visited later in the afternoon to meet and greet the Board members. The University of Evansville Suzuki Violinists gave a short performance for the Board.

The Chair charged the Ad Hoc Long Term Training Survey Committee to compile survey results and share the new SAA long term training brochure with trainers at conference. The Chair commended Pam for her work preparing the brochure.

A discussion of the Monitoring Reports, with emphasis on Policy 2.1 and 2.2 Treatment of Members/Customers and Staff, followed. Pam will investigate Policy 2.2.1 to be sure proper handling of grievances is in the employee manual.

Financial reports, including the year-to-date budget, asset protection, compensation/benefits and services, were presented as per Policy 3.4. Diane commended Pam on preparing Monitoring Reports and thorough work.

Motion #3: To accept the Monitoring Reports as presented.
M Dave S Betty Carried

The Audit Report was given by Dave Madsen, who shared his research of bids for the SAA’s annual audit.

Motion #4: Decision as to whether to move to another Audit Company be left up to Audit Committee.
M Lamar S Teri Einfeldt Carried

Meeting adjourned at 5:50 pm.

Reconvened at 9:00 am.

Christie shared an overview of the Nominations process and its current timeline. Results of the spring, 2008, election will be announced at the May SAA Conference.

CLC committee Chair, Carol, reported on the Creating Learning Community awards. The recipients of the 2008 CLC awards were approved by Board consensus and will be announced at the May Conference. The Chair commended Carol and the CLC committee for their work.

Diane discussed the formation of the Parent Committee which has been acknowledged and supported by the Board and will hold its initial meeting at the 2008 SAA Conference. The Board commended Diane for her vision and work in bringing the Parent Committee to a reality.

Motion #5: To continue Pam B as SAA representative to ISA.
M Gail S Teri Carried

The Board convened in executive session at the consent of its members.

Upon returning to open session, the Board discussed the format of the Summer Institute Focus Groups, their function and theme. Pam will email a reminder to institute directors to include SAA Focus meeting in their institute schedule.

The philosophy and goals of SAA conferences were discussed and future themes explored. The Board discussed the need for the conference to remain teacher centered and to focus on teacher development and teacher education.

Teri gave the CD Committee Report. All artists for the second incentive CD have been secured. It was the consensus of the Board that the incentive gift for the Annual Fund drive be $75.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.

Reconvened at 8:40 a.m.

Dates of future 2008-09 Board meetings were set as: September 19-21; January 9-11; and April 3-5.

A policy discussion relating to communication with SAA members followed. Awareness of the Board’s role and its activities is increased by the Chair’s quarterly ASJ Column. Expansion of the SAA website and dispersal of regular emails have improved communication among members.

The meeting concluded with a review of the weekend’s Board procedure as per policy 4.2.5.

Review of Committee Assignments:

Nominations: Christie, Diane, Teri, Beth GM, Pam

Development: Lamar, Dave, Ruth, Carol, Pam

Honorary Board: Gail, Beth T, Pam

Board Education: Beth T, Diane, Christie, Pam

Interboard: Betty, Ruth, Gail, Pam

Audit: Dave, Carol, Diane, Pam

CLC Ad Hoc: Carol, Beth T, Lamar, Diane, Pam

CD Ad Hoc: Paul, Teri, Dave, Lamar, Gwendoline

Summer Focus Meeting Groups Ad Hoc: Diane, Pam, Carol, Ruth, Teri

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Christie Felsing, Secretary