Sept 19-21, 2008, Guelph, ON

Members present: Lamar Blum, Teri Einfeldt, Christie Felsing, Mark George, Marilyn Kesler, Ruth Engle Larner, Carol Ourada, Diane Schroeder, Betsy Stuen-Walker, Beth Titterington and Pam Brasch, ex officio. Absent: Betty Wahlig

The meeting was called to order at 8:56 am by Diane Schroeder, Chair.

MOTION #1 To approve the April 2008 minutes as presented.
M Ruth Engle Larner S Beth Titterington Carried

The Board devoted the majority of Friday’s meeting to Board Education.

MOTION #2 To establish an internal electronic communication website for planning and communication among Board members.
M Mark George S Ruth Engle Larner Carried

MOTION #3 To acknowledge that the Board has received and read the Monitoring Reports.
M Beth Titterington S Teri Einfeldt Carried

A discussion of Policy 2.3 and 2.4 followed, concentrating on the SAA’s 2008 and 2009 budgets.

Consensus: That the SAA encourage ways for constituent schools and individuals to raise money for continuing education of their teachers or for the support of the SAA in general.

To improve consistency in teacher training, the SAA Board has adopted the following policy:

MOTION #4 To add 2.11 under 2.0 General Executive Constraint: 2.11 The CEO shall not fail to inform Teacher Trainers of their responsibilities and ethical obligations as SAA-approved Trainers.
M Marilyn Kesler S Betsy Stuen-Walker Carried

Friday meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.

Saturday meeting called to order at 9:15 am.

An update on the newly formed Parent Committee was given by Diane. A lead gift of $10,000 has been pledged by the Engle Family Foundation ($5000) and John and Diane Schroeder ($5000) to help fund the development of the Parent Education Course.

Consensus: That the Parent Education Project be funded primarily by Suzuki parents. The Board is committed to supporting this project to its fruition.

Nominating Committee report given by Teri.

Annual Fund Drive report given by Diane. The Board agreed that the 2008 goal will be to raise $40,000. Three appeals will be forthcoming: Parent Letter for the Parent Ed Course, Annual Fund appeal and Holiday Gift from Parents to SAA. Teri gave an update on the CD, “Celebrating Excellence,” a second incentive gift to be used for future appeals.

Ruth shared a report on the Silent Auction Fundraiser at May 2008 Conference, which raised $4,800. A timeline was shared regarding the process, including ideas for future auctions.

Diane led a review of the Board Committee Structure as stated in Policy 4.9.

Saturday meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.

Sunday meeting called to order at 8:50 am.

The Nominating Committee presented a proposal for discussion and offered the following motion:

MOTION #5 To offer a non-competitive slate of candidates for the 2009 Board of Directors election for approval by the membership.
M Nominating Committee Carried

A final discussion of the proposed slate will be made at the January 2009 Board meeting.

MOTION #6 The 2009 Board of Directors Election will be held online with paper ballots made available for those without email access.
M Beth Titterington S Lamar Blum Carried

Lamar updated the Board on Yuko Honda’s instrument gift to the SAA. The Chair charged the Development Committee to continue working on the Yuko Honda violin and future bequests.

MOTION #7 The proceeds from the Holiday Gift Project will support the Parent Education Course.
M Mark George S Teri Einfeldt Carried

Report by Audit Committee: SAA has an annual audit conducted by a CPA firm. Carol will assume the function of reviewing the SAA online bank accounts on a regular basis.

Diane led a summation of what we accomplished at this weekend’s meeting, as well as, identified the Board’s volunteer activities.

Items for the January Agenda were notated as follows:

  1. Continue remembering Carver Governance: At what cost, for whom, at what benefit
  2. Young Teachers Council-report
  3. Begin a discussion on Mentoring
  4. Focus Group Meetings-planning
  5. Leadership Retreat-planning
  6. Annual Fund update
  7. Report from CD committee on incentive gift
  8. Continue ENDS Discussion: 1.0
  9. Review Policy 1.2 Learning Community
  10. Development Committee Report
  11. Evaluate Board website function
  12. Nomination Slate approval
  13. Honorary Board Report
  14. Interboard Committee Report
  15. Vision of 20 years down the road: each of us bring 10 ideas
  16. Use of volunteers: how do you think volunteers could be used?
  17. Monitoring Reports for January

Committee Assignments:

Nominations: Teri, Diane, Christie, Pam

Development Steering: Lamar, Ruth, Carol, Diane, Mark, Pam

Interboard: Ruth, Marilyn, Pam

Audit: Carol, Diane, Pam

Board Education: Beth, Christie, Diane, Pam

Honorary Board: Beth, Betsy, Gail Lange, Pam

CD project (ad hoc): Paul Salerni, Dave Madsen, Lamar, Teri, Pam

Meeting adjourned Sunday at 11:15 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Christie Felsing, secretary