Winifred Crock

Winifred Crock

Winifred Crock was the director of orchestras at Parkway Central High School in Suburban St. Louis Mo for over twenty five years. She has maintained a private violin studio in suburban St. Louis for far longer. She is dedicated to the development and betterment of music education for all children.

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Episode 1  You Have to Go On You Have to Grow

April 24, 2017 by Winifred Crock, Margaret Watts Romney

Who was Dr. Suzuki, why is there a community of teachers following his vision, and what ideas can apply to teachers anywhere? We talk with his former student, Winifred Crock, to answer these questions and more. Read more ▶

Suzuki in the Schools 2008

Suzuki in the Schools, 2008

Douglas Turpin Establishment of the Parkway Schools Suzuki String Orchestra Program

November 1, 2006 by Winifred Crock

Dr. Douglas L. Turpin, Director of the E. Desmond Lee Fine Arts Education Collaborative, received his doctorate from Washington University in Saint Louis and B.S. from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. He served as Director of the Whitaker Music Education… Read more ▶

Suzuki in the Schools WellRepresented at the Conference

Suzuki in the Schools Well-Represented at the Conference

Suzuki in the Schools

Suzuki in the Schools

Public School Sessions

Public School Sessions


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