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From Matsumoto to Cleveland

From Matsumoto to Cleveland

Waltraud Suzuki

June 20, 2005 by Michele Higa George

Nurtured By Love: A True Story As with many notable figures in history, Shinichi Suzuki rose to public consciousness in an unobtrusive manner. The children who motivated his life’s work grew in both numbers and were able to show the world… Read more ▶

Shinichi Suzuki A Living Legacy

June 1, 2005 by Michele Higa George

As I reflect upon the continued influence of Suzuki-sensei (honored teacher) in my life, there are moments when I am keenly aware that seven long years have passed since he last walked among us. At other times it seems only… Read more ▶

Nurtured by Love A True Story

Nurtured by Love: A True Story

Cavani Quartet Adds Special Energy

Cavani Quartet Adds Special Energy

Noble Hearts Beautiful People Developing the Whole Child

Noble Hearts, Beautiful People: Developing the Whole Child

5th Conference Violin Sessions

5th Conference: Violin Sessions


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