Pumpkin Patch Concert

Dolce Strings performs in disguise! Violinists from Dolce Music Academy performed at the largest Pumpkin Patch in Fort Bend County this Halloween. Entertaining the community with our favorite Suzuki repertoire plus some toe-tapping Texas fiddling—a good time was had by all. The concert was led by Executive Director, Danette Schuh and faculty member, fiddler & Suzuki mom Aimee Petersen joined in the performance too!

Image by Danette Warren

Danette Warren

Danette Warren (Schuh) is the Director of Dolce Music Academy, home of Dolce Strings and Dolce Babies, where she teaches violin, viola, Suzuki Early Childhood classes and co-directs the Dolce Strings Touring Ensemble. She is an SECE Teacher Trainer and has taught SECE classes and presented at the 16th World Convention in Japan. She is also the Director of the new Houston Suzuki Institute for Early Childhood Education. With over 30 years of experience, she is a sought-after clinician at institutes and workshops. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree with honors from Indiana University, where she studied with Josef Gingold. She also performs as a freelance musician in the greater Houston area.

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