Porch Concert

Sisters playing for a neighborhood dinner in Cedar City, Utah. The younger sister plays with a prosthetic lower arm and has now advanced to Book 5. Both girls work hard and have developed strong playing skills.

Image by Sara Penny

Sara Penny

Sara Penny served as Director of Suzuki Strings Cedar City for 36 years and continues as the Orchestra of Southern Utah administrative assistant. She plays violin in the orchestra and viola in the Southern Utah String Quartet.

She has played in orchestras in Utah, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Cork, Ireland. Sara teaches violin, viola and cello private lessons. She has attended numerous Suzuki workshops with clinicians such as John Kendall, William Starr, Terry Durbin, Gabe Bolkovsky, and Tom Wermuth.

Her B.A. is from the University of Utah in communications and she has extensive string training since age 8.

Sara loves live music, art, photography, friends, and family. It is a joy to teach children how to make their own music.

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