September 2008

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Map of regional Suzuki Associations
SAA Board members, September 2008
Young harpist as Peaks to Plains Suzuki Institute in 2002
Participants in the first International Suzuki Festival in Patagonia
String Quartet masterclass.
Trying out a piano in the exhibit area.
Shenandoah Valley Honors Orchestra
International Ensembles practicing
Edmund Sprunger
Trying out a new keyboard.
Bill Starr, Anthony Elliott, and Tamara Goldstein.
Violins in the exhibit area.
A famous hat.
More dessert!
Diana Galindo and Gail Seay.
The Latin American Suzuki Ensemble rehearses some more.
Latin American Suzuki Ensemble in rehearsal.
Latin American guitar students.
Foam-a-lins at the Young Musicians exhibit booth.
Phala Tracy
Cello session.
Willa and Reagan Brasch.
International Ensembles rehearsal
Tricia Balmer, Paule Barsalou, Anna Hughes, Pierre and Susan Gagnon, Rob Richardson, Elayne Ras, and others.
Pam Brasch, CEO, and Sally Gross, conference coordinator.
Buffet line for dinner.
Anna Hughes and friend.
Rosemay Fangyen, convention staff, and Deb Yamashita, SAA staff in their red SAA aprons.
Mmm, dessert!
Vanessa Vari and Fernando Piñero
Jill Whitman with young harp student and pink harp.
Latin American violin group.
Nancy Lokken and Caroline Fraser
Flags table centerpiece.
Some Impromptu Music
Arlette Aslanian, Carlough Faulkner-Carroll & baby, and Reagan Brasch.
Primer festival Suzuki de la Patagonia
Marilyn O’Boyle and friend
Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and Alfred Garson and with a young violin student
Anastasia Jempelis and violin student
Guitar students from Latin America
Yvonne Tait
William Starr speaking

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