September 2008

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Guitar students from Latin America
25 Years Panel
Guitar Boy
Guitar Boy
Guitar Boy
Cello Boy
Guitar Boy
Violin Boy
Piano Boy
Piano student with Doris Koppelman
Recorder Girl
Flute Students
Flute Student and Teacher
Flute Student
2008 Conference
Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and violin
14th World Suzuki Convention
Amy and mom Vicki Abramowitz in Kyoto, Japan
Guitar teacher Mercedes Vargas with students from Ica
Delegation from Ica, Peru, with teacher Jesus Campos
Rigo Murillo with Elementary Class
Student guitarist
Annika Petrozzi with cello students
Nancy Lokken and Cecilia
All participants at the Peru Festival
guitar soloist
young violinist
Peru 25 years poster
Recorder students from Huancavelica
Nancy Lokken and student
IV Encuentro participants
Mary McCarthy teaching a piano group class
Excitement in leadership games with Jeff Cox
Allison Hawkins
15th World Suzuki Convention
Gwen Runyon
Gwen Runyon playing cello
Gwen Runyon with young students
Gwen Runyon with airplane
Pat D’Ercole
Waltraud Suzuki
Gilda Barston
Tanya Carey
William Preucil with statue of Pablo Casals
Paul Landefeld with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
Dorothy Jones
Mark Bjork
Toshio Takahashi with Suzuki flute students
Mary Kay Waddington with harp student
Young Shinichi Suzuki

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