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From Violin to Viola

July 10, 2013 / Viola, Violin

m finding two books which deal specifically with changing from violin to viola: Harvey Whistler’s From Violin to Viola, and…Viola for Violin…Whistler’s book, page 2, he has diagrams of the violin and the viola scroll, and says that the violin is…strung differently than the violin, with the C string on the top left (with violinRead more

Violin group class idea?

September 29, 2014 / Group Lessons, Violin

I am a Suzuki violin teacher in Hilton Head SC. I mostly teach private student…be playing in it. They want their child to learn violin for it is good for child development. To them playing…They just want the child to have experience playing the violin every day while they are a child. Appreciation of music…the book you suggested, and the ideas from the Suzuki ViolinRead more

Suzuki violin CD's

May 11, 2013 / Violin

I recently purchased a few Suzuki Violin School accompaniment CD’s ‘performed by David Cerone’. I had…either left or right and fade in or out the violin. Unfortunately, it seems to be recorded in mono with equal…parts violin and piano coming out of both left and right speakers…Suzuki method available in which one can fade out the violin? Thank you very much for your help CW (student) According… Read more

Left handed violin playing

September 20, 2014 / Adapted Instruments, Violin

she could give you some wonderful insights on her experience. Violin…she determined she would make a more proficient singer than violin…worked with staff at House of Note to adapt a violin for right handed playing and a bow to use with…contact with the teacher. Thanks Laura—She actually has the violin set up now, and a bow that is set into… Read more

Book 3 Violin Graduation

December 11, 2013 / Book 3, Violin

if Bach Bouree is considered the required graduation piece for violin? What do you mean? If you mean for a graduation…the discretion of the teacher or studio. Laura M Suzuki ViolinRead more

Seek Suzuki Violin teacher in Hong Kong

April 17, 2007 / Teachers, Violin

fall from the States. We need to find a Suzuki violin teacher for our son who is 5, working on Book…exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.” www.ViolinsRead more

Violin damage etiquette

November 13, 2013 / Violin

or individual class. If there is an accident with the violin is it the teacher’s responsibility to pay for the…the student’s? If a student damages another student’s violin, what the protocol here? Do you put a clause in… Thanks Connie, I just wanted to… Read more

Violin performance DVD recommendation to show new student

May 10, 2007 / DVD, Performance, Violin

or borrow from the library, one or more videos of violin performances—a professional performance perhaps and ideally, a recording of…Suzuki students playing. My daughter just turned 5 and started violin lessons a couple months ago. I am looking for something…didn’t need coaxing. And tonight she picked up her violin and was playing the pattern her teacher has given her… Read more

Pinky help for violin bow

Pinky help for violin bow

November 4, 2013 / Bow, Violin

and round (and to help it stay put) on the violin now for beginners? I used to use the Dr. Scholl…make a life by what we give.” -Sir Winston Churchill Violin bow (not violin now)…autocorrect :/ !!! “We make a living by…own or included in the Bow Hold Buddies® set for violin and viola: Directs the tip of the pinky slightly to…cannot possibly keep their minds on the bow hold and violin hold at the same time. It solves the issue of… Read more

Pain in violin arm

July 26, 2013 / Violin

summer who reports experiencing pain near her elbow on her violin arm. Not necessarily while she is playing. Does anyone have…easily, try (the much shorter book) “How Muscles Learn: Teaching Violin with the Body in Mind” by Susan Kempter. www.smesarts…its worth checking. The sleuthing continues! Anita Knight “Joyful Sound Violin Studio” Visit Violinist in Balance to see the interesting project…to help young students to make their violin hold more ergonomic. “Individual problems of balance were addressed by… Read more

7 yr. old boy violin motor skills? focus?

November 2, 2015 / Violin

mentioned to the mom about some moms learn to play violin also esp when child is very young.But she said…and guide it on the strings while you play the violin so he can hear himself “play”. Do you think that…body can integrate. Technique, technique, technique. Separate bow hand and violin hand work. This child needs many repetitions to teach muscle… Read more

Need to learn to read music- violin

January 22, 2014 / Violin

music. She is 6, has no reading background and plays violin. Are there any apps, books, youtube videos, games…etc that…memorize the note names, and then where they are the violin (that’s A, and its an open A, that’s…daughter’s young age, she can be tutored by a violin…Other than that, you can teach her how to play violin with flash cards, get inspiration from Youtube videos, ebook about… Read more

Looking for violin teacher, London Ontario,Canada (or nearby

April 4, 2006 / Canada, Teachers, Violin

Dear Teachers/Students: We are looking for a violin teacher for one of our students who is moving (back…very hard working and sweet, who wishes to be a violin teacher in her community. Please respond to me privately, as… Please contact the SAA office by…… Read more

buying a violin

August 30, 2012 / Violin

interested in hearing your thoughts on buying a 1/2 violin for my 8 year old who is currently in book…5. We have always rented violins from our local strings store, but it is clear that…music with other people. We are thinking that purchasing a violin with a store that has a 100% trade in policy…We are spending about $200/year on renting the best violin available at our local store (Eastman 200 model) to keep… Read more

Violin shop in Vancouver, BC

December 4, 2013 / Distance Learning, Instrument Care, Looking for a Teacher, Violin

the Vivaldi a minor, to get a 1/2 size violin. I only know shops in the States and was wondering…if anyone knows of a reputable violin shop in Vancouver where they could buy a decent 1…2 size violin. They are dedicated students so I think that by the…in Vancouver. Also, if anyone knows of a good Suzuki violin teacher in the Vancouver area, please let me know. Skype… Read more

Extracurricular pieces for piano, violin and/or cello

September 13, 2014 / Cello, Sheet Music, Violin

A local Suzuki violin/cello studio and I (Suzuki Piano) have teamed up to…start? Thanks! Henry Maybe try looking at the triolet arrangements (violin & cello “obbligato” parts written to go with some of the…take a look at my Suzuki-licensed duo books for violin/cello, violin/viola and two violins. There are a total…years ago she commissioned a composer to create trios with Violin & Cello for her Suzuki piano students. I played the violinRead more

Handel Sonata No. 4, Violin new revised edition

December 9, 2014 / 4th Movement, Handel Sonata No 4, Revised Edition, Violin

find an accompaniment part for the new revised Book 6 Violin. The new edition of the the 4th movement of the…Nuernberg Here you go, Patty: This message has been brought… Read more

The 16th Suzuki Method World Convention: Matsumoto, Japan

The 16th Suzuki Method World Convention: Matsumoto, Japan

June 24, 2013 / 16th Suzuki Method World Convention, Japan, Matsumoto, Suzuki Method, World Convention

joins all the student in concert after leading the Tchaikovsky Violin concerto group! Image by Nancy Lokken Cello student waiting to…by Heidi Curatolo Group Class 4 Image by Jennifer Visick Violin group class. Image by Jennifer Visick Students prepare for the…the Hayden Concerto in C major. Image by Edward Kreitman ViolinRead more

Combined violin and piano group classes?

September 29, 2014 / Group Lessons, Piano, Violin

co-teaching a biweekly group class with both piano and violin students in the room. The string players are largely pre…sing in a key comfortable for children, not necessarily the violin or piano key). In addition to the actual melodies, they…violin…I have used it for over a year with my violin/viola groups. My biggest concern with a mixed class is… Read more

Mexico City 1/8 size violin rentals?

July 13, 2014 / Mexico, Violin

City for a month. The family prefers to leave their violin at home, and wants to rent something there. Does anyone…have contact info for renting a 1/8 size violin in Mexico City? My family and I lived in Mexico…and found it impossible at that time to rent any violins or cellos. I have a Suzuki colleague that teaches there… Read more

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