How is relative rate of progress in Violin Book 4?

Erin & Christopher Palmer said: Nov 20, 2015
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My daughter is finishing up Book 3, and so far she has taken about a month to learn most songs (from when she starts it to starting the next one, while still polishing the previous song). We have been diligently listening to Book 4 and doing all of our technique practicing—exactly as the teacher assigned. I am just curious how long we should expect to take to learn Book 4? (Primarily because I am trying to figure out if my daughter would qualify for orchestra at an institute this summer, Book 5 and above).

Also any tips for what we can do to make Book 4 a pleasant experience? (My daughter is young, just turned 7, so I am somewhat nervous about her playing longer pieces too…)

Phankao said: Nov 20, 2015
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Hmmm…. we took about 6mths with book 4. Didn’t do the Bach Double at the end though. My child was 6yo then.

Anita said: Nov 21, 2015
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The rate of progress is going to vary significantly depending on how your child learns, and how … how to put it? strict? exacting? focused on technique and theory? … your teacher is about how the songs sound. It all depends on your teacher and your child. I wouldn’t try to anticipate a rate of progress; do your summer Institute registration at the time of registration, based on where the child is then. My youngest figured out Vivaldi’s pieces by ear, my oldest was excellent at reading the music. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. They’re not finished with Book 4 after a year and a half, but wow, do they sound great! Comparing one child’s progress to the progress of other students is a trap many parents fall into. I think it’s easier to see this when you have two or more kiddos and you KNOW they learn differently and at different paces. Your child will have his/ her own rate of progress that depends on things that are highly individual and the objectives your teacher has for your student. Enjoy the journey! ;-)


Phankao said: Nov 21, 2015
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This was somewhat memorable. my boy playing at a Festival when he was 5yrs-10mths’ old …. just some ideas on how we made it fun and easier for him to remember the parts and some techniques with “lyrics” that we made up……

The “Sing-” portion was because his tr said to play in more in a singing style—so we “try”…. and the “Dial Vivaldi” part—you’d have to show your child how the old Dial Phones work!

The little one was quite tickled by it all.

  • Vivaldi A Minor Concerto 1st Mvt. He did this before he did the Seitz Concertos, and did the Vivaldi 3rd Mvt last in that Book 4….

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