Mrs. Zohara Rotem

Piano, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher

Zohara Rotem


Buderim, QLD, Australia

Zohara is a pianist, educator, speaker, Suzuki teacher trainer and Soul Purpose Guide ™.

She is an international tutor, teacher trainer and speaker and resides in Australia’s Sunshine Coast, where she runs ZoharaStudio.

She gives Teacher Training Courses, Workshops, Master Classes and Lectures in Australia-Wide, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and Israel, as well as online.

Zohara has developed “Playing with the Body in Mind”, which is the co-operation of natural movement of the body and the ergonomics of the piano. It emphasises the connection between body awareness and the creation of beautiful sound. She has adapted “Playing with the Body in Mind” to the Suzuki Piano repertoire, using Dr Suzuki’s Law of Ability.

Zohara has specialised in Nurturing Parents as partners in the learning process and offers Parent Education Courses & Seminars to parents and teachers around the world. She also offers  online courses , seminars and training to make the teaching  available and accessible to  people around the world.
Zohara believes in the potential of EVERY CHILD and says that ” if more children learn to play an instrument from early age—the world will be even better place to live in…”.*

She sees music & music education as a unique opportunity to build bridges of understanding & mutual respect between people, cultures and nations.*

Everyone is born with a gift to share with the world. Zohara works with people as a  Soul Purpose Guide™ to find their gift.