Moira Farrell

Violin Teacher

Moira Farrell

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Mercer Island, WA
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I started taking Suzuki violin lessons when I was 6 years old, and since that time music has always been a part of my life. Now that I am an adult, it has become an integral part of my family culture. Everyone who comes to my home knows we make a lot of music here; my two daughters both play piano; my older two sons play violin, and my youngest son will hopefully begin cello soon! I have been the musical coach for all of my children’s daily practice, so I am not just familiar with the Suzuki triangle that includes “parent coaching,” I have lived this model for many years. I have also been a homeschooling mom for over twelve years, and have found music to be an indispensable part of my children’s curriculum, as well as a part of our family culture.

My path to becoming a music teacher was not based on my own talent as a performer or music major, but more as an avid advocate for quality education. My vocation is teaching, and not performing, although I do play and perform with a local baroque ensemble I have been a part of for several years. In college, after I acquired a BFA, I went on to acquire a second degree in teaching and special education, and am now certified and work in that field part-time. Several of my students have minor to moderate learning disabilities, and I have found music to be a substantial enhancement to their overall development, both academically and emotionally. My students in turn have taught me the value of patience, persistence, and the need to lay aside any preconceived expectations when I work with a child who had been labeled “difficult” or “learning disabled”. I strive to build a positive relationship with each one of my students, and while I am solid in my approach to teaching technical skills, I know that if I want a student to work for me, that student has to connect with me on a personal level.

I am currently teaching in two locations—on Mercer Island where I live, but now also on Bainbridge Island where I have become part of a musical guild. I continue to study advanced violin technique with a local professional violist (who is also advocating I begin teaching viola!) and like every good student, make it a priority to practice daily.