Meng-Chun (Aviva) Tu

Violin, Piano Teacher

Meng-Chun (Aviva) Tu

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Eureka Springs, AR
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MengChun Tu (Aviva) is a native of Taiwan. At age of 5 she started to learn piano and a year later her teacher thought she had the capacity to learn violin. Since then both instruments have never left her. Her music experience is very extensive. When she was 10 years old her formal music journey began at Shanghai Conservatory (China) where she studied 4 years of violin and 2 years of piano. She returned to Taiwan to pursue her piano major at National Dong Hwa University. Her success in a violin competition made her professor recommend a double major. In her last year she was the concertmaster for the National Dong Hwa University Symphony Orchestra. She also played piano in Choir, bass in Big Band, and piano and percussion in Wind Band.

She just graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor Degree in piano and violin at National Dong Hwa University and in 2019 with a Performance Diploma in Violin at Roosevelt University, Chicago. She worked in Roosevelt University as a vocal and instrumental accompanist, South Side Suzuki Cooperative as a recital accompanist, Urban Prairie Waldorf School accompanying for Eurhythmy classes. She has worked at the Chicago Summer Opera as a vocal coach and for The Opera in the Ozarks as a violinist.