Leticia Dellepere Colligan

Violin, Guitar Teacher, Parent, Student

Leticia Dellepere Colligan

SAA Member


Loxahatchee, FL
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Leticia has loved music her entire life. She took piano for four years, guitar for two, but found her true calling with the violin. Once she found her passion, she began working very hard to attain her goals of playing at the local youth orchestra in her county. Through the guidance of wonderful violin instructors, she learned firsthand the Suzuki concept that Every Child Can, rings true.

With the support of her mentors and family, she played locally through many ensembles, and played for church services for over 2 decades. She joined the PBA Community Symphony in the Spring of 2019. Her dream is to help encourage a new generation of students to experience the joy of playing together in their community.

Along with her love of music, she loves teaching children. She has been a Sunday School teacher, led as a Youth Director, as well as served Children’s Program at church in the past. She has also assisted with music and drama programs since she was fifteen.

After taking a short hiatus to get married and begin a family she decided to finish her desire to combine her love of music with her love of teaching children, She is working on her B.A. in Early Childhood Education, started a Mommy and Me program through her business Stringing it Together, and working on building a string program at her current job in a local private school. She also plans to extend her Units in the violin through the SAA.

The thrill that comes in mastering a new piece, becoming a part of an ensemble, or awaiting for your moment to enter the piece in an orchestra, is one that fills her heart with joy to this very day. She hopes to instill these feelings as a teacher. If she can impart this with at least half the passion and encouragement her past teachers imparted through their music and lessons she will feel content. Every child deserves to feel that they CAN!